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Benefits of learning touch typing.

Typing is a skill, and touch typing is a method that helps us make our typing fast. There are many skills available that you can learn and acquire. So why should you need to learn touch typing and become a fast typist? Before starting the discussion, we should know the basics of touch typing.

What is touch typing?

It is a way of typing where the typists use all of their fingers to type. The typists memorize the keyboard layout and type without looking at the keyboard. This way, they can focus on the source document and reduce the typing error. Also, as all of the fingers are used in this process, the typing speed increases automatically.

Now the question is, is it worth spending a lot of time every day and learn the touch typing method? The answer is definitely yes. You indeed need a lot of time and complete dedication to understand this process and get habituated with it. But once you adopt this typing method, your typing speed will increase a lot and this way; you can save a lot of time in your daily routine. So it is strongly recommended to learn this method. Here are the facts.

Boosts your typing speed

The main reason to learn touch typing is, it increases the average typing speed. Imagine you are a student, and you need to submit your final project in just three days, and you need to type 80 to 100 pages. For a Hunt and Peak typist, it is a nightmare. But if you are a touch typist, it is not a very big deal to complete the task within the time.

It enhances the accuracy rate.

People know touch typing is the fastest way of typing. But this actually enhances the accuracy rate too. As the typist doesn’t need to look at the keyboard, they can focus on the source and the typed document. That’s why if any error occurs, you can track it immediately and rectify it.

It saves time.

As you can type fast, you can complete your task quickly and save time. It is tested that an average hunt & peak typist need approx. 20 minutes to type a 600 words document. On the other side, an average touch typist can type the same doc within just 11 minutes. That’s mean a touch typist can complete their task 45% faster than a hunt & peck typist.

It good for your health

Imagine you have to submit your assignment. And that’s why you need to sit at your desk for several days. In this case, Touch typing can help you to complete your task fast and free you from physical fatigue.

It’s full of fun

Believe me, typing using the touch typing method is full of fun. Imagine you and your friends compete with each other to explore their computing skills. And you use the touch typing method and done your task faster than all of your friends.

Actually, there are many reasons to learn and acquire this typing technique. So if you use a computer in your daily life, it’s better to know it.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of learning touch typing.

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